Youth Ministry

24seven Youth Ministry is leading students to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and we accomplish this through three foundational principles:

Discipleship / Fellowship / Evangelism

Our services happen on Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm. We offer a variety of things from relevant messages, small groups (Huddles), worship and prayer nights, to hands-on ministry, and the goal is always to bring application of God’s Word to everyday living.

24seven offers many opportunities for young people to get involved with our ministry teams. We also offer missions opportunities each summer, and lots of events.

24seven’s Youth Center is equipped with basketball, pool tables, ping pong, snack bar, loud music, etc.! Designed to give teens a comfortable space they can invite friends to, it’s a cool place to come and just hang out!

24seven is opens 30 minutes before service starts, and it is located in the first building as you enter our campus. For more information about 24seven, contact Pastor Tim at or 937-693-3554 or check out 24seven on Facebook.

24seven5.6 – Grades 5 & 6

Ever been in-between something? In-between jobs… in-between houses…? Being in-between can be a little unsettling. Imagine what it feels like to be an “in-between child.” When you’re in 5th and 6th grade, you’re not a little kid anymore, but you’re not quite a teen yet either; so you’re stuck somewhere in the middle. Your “in-betweeners” will be challenged and have a blast in 24seven 5.6!

24seven 5.6 gets together every Sunday and Wednesday for praise & worship, interactive lessons, and cool activities. They also experience many great events outside of church throughout the year. We are leading students to becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

24seven5.6 is located in the first building as you enter our campus. Check-in for this age group starts 30 minutes before service, and students are picked up by their parent/guardian after service concludes. For more information, contact Pastor Tim at or 937-693-3554, or check out 24seven 5.6 on Facebook.