We believe partnership is more than just a word.

Our Partners enable us to reach thousands of people in Miracle Crusades each year.

Because of our Partners, we go where others have not gone before. Because of our Partners, we are touching lives, reaching out to children, and digging wells for communities. Because of our Partners, we are transforming hearts and imparting life-changing principles to local pastors. Because of our Partners, we are bringing miracles to hurting people through Jesus, and most important of all … We are Winning Souls!

Many of our Partners give a dollar a day, which equals $30.00 a month. Some give more, and some give less. The amount is up to you. Whatever God asks you to do will be just right!

Should you choose to Partner with us, your monthly financial gift and your intercessory prayer will make a huge difference in the lives of families all over the globe. Join us, as we express our Passion for Jesus and our Heart for the World!